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Moon Shots Book

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340 pages


During his years as a standout with the St. Louis Cardinals and Los Angeles Dodgers, Wally Moon was known as the "thinking man's ballplayer". He was also one of the grittiest and most determined players of his generation. His rare combination of instincts and savvy for the game, coupled with the unmitigated intensity he displayed on the field, triggered respect and admiration from teammates, opponents, and fans. That legacy remains steadfast today.

Students of the game and those with an abiding love for baseball's "Golden Era" are well acquainted with Wally Moon.  Winner of the National League's Rookie of the Year award as a St. Louis Cardinal, Moon also led the Los Angeles Dodgers to three World Series Championships.  Then and now, Wally Moon represents the best of baseball.  Class and dignity remain his hallmarks and fans will relish a look back at the game through his experiences, relationships, and understanding. 

This book will be a prized and treasured addition to the library of not only avid baseball fans but those with a taste for classic Americana.  From a hardscrabble childhood in rural Arkansas to coming of age as a two-sport star at Texas A&M, from struggles in baseball's minor leagues to stardom for two of the games most storied franchises, Wally Moon's story is the essence of the American Dream.  He not only played the game the right way, but he's lived his life with decency and integrity from the beginning. Moon Shots: Reflections on a Baseball Life is not only a book about one man's enduring respect and love for the game, his family and His Maker, but also serves as a road map to achievement, fulfillment, and contentment.

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